Jake Perrine | 6 Dimensions of a Mix – Part 2: 6D-2Y

In this tutorial, Jake shares with us the second tool in the 6 Dimensions of a mix series.

Each of these tools references 1 of the 6 dimensions of a mix, which Jake goes into detail about in his books and his MixLab course.

This week’s tool is focused is lovingly referred to as 6D-2Y, and is a dynamics processor. There are lots of ways to think about Dynamics and Dynamics processing. The first tool in the series was a pan tool and referred to the x-axis of a virtual room that our mix sits in. With 6D-2Y think of the volume of the mix or any elements within that mix as existing in the y-plane.

Want to learn more about Jake’s 6 dimensions of mixing in detail? Check out Jake’s MixLab course here!

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