Join the Warp Academy Team

  • Location: Remote / virtual work
  • Type: Part-time, contract-basis, with permanent full-time potential

About Warp Academy:
We created Warp Academy to bring amazing teachers together with aspiring producers using the power of cutting-edge online learning tools. Our vision is to obliterate the learning curve and game-change the way people learn. The intention we hold for our trainers is to give them a myriad of ways to leverage themselves using our community and training tools, allowing them to work from wherever they want, and make more money in far less time than teaching one on one locally.

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, Warp Academy is an online music training organization, focused on the niche of electronic music production and performance. We use a combination of streaming video and virtual classroom tech to educate students from around the world via on-demand, online courses. Our team is located around the world in North America and Europe, and we’re proud to say we work with some of the industry’s leading experts in sound design, synthesis, performance, music theory, mixing, mastering, and beyond. We’ve recently been approved as an Ableton Certified Training Center, and we’re expanding the team.

What You Will Do

  • Create Tutorial Videos & Online Courses
    • Ideally in OSX using Telestream Screenflow & Ableton Suite.
  • Create and Deliver Live-Streaming (Webinar) Courses (optional)

What You Need to Bring
We’re looking for a talented, driven, possibility thinker who’s super passionate about Ableton Live, electronic music and education. A positive, up-beat attitude is a must have, as is a strong interest in personal development, learning and growth. Our team is small, agile, dynamic and high-energy. We often need to rapidly adopt and master new business practices and technology.

A zeal for learning, expanding into new areas of emerging technology, and developing skills rapidly is an asset. We look for people who are highly focused, organized, punctual, and enthusiastic. We operate in a high-pressure, results-only work environment and you need to thrive in that type of situation.

It’s essential that you be able to accurately assess timelines to complete planned products and break complex projects down into specific milestones. Equally important is the ability to meet deadlines and maintain a high degree of integrity and responsibility
when completing tasks.

Your ideas and feedback are of interest to us, so we are looking for a someone with excellent verbal and written communication skills and a high level of initiative. Attention to detail is pivotal, as is the ability to handle fast-paced work with multiple projects
occurring at the same time.

Skills Needed

  • You must be an Ableton Certified Trainer with a current certification in Ableton
    Suite 10.
  • Deep knowledge of electronic music production and all associated topics.
  • Skilled in the most recent version of Ableton Suite. Ideally you’ll also have some
    understanding of Max for Live and Push 2.
  • Audio & video recording.
  • Video editing.
  • Sound design.
  • Familiar with creating tutorial-style videos for Youtube.
  • Copy writing skills for video descriptions and website copy.
  • Note: Although preference will be given to people with all the above skills, we
    would be open to training the right applicant in some of these, such as video
    recording and editing.

Equipment & Resources Needed

  • High-quality video camera (at least one, ideally more for multi-angle)
    • The most ideal camera is a 4K capable video camera, with a large format
      sensor, and a fast, wide aperture lens (like a Sony A7Sii or Sony PXW-Z150).
    • Obviously not everyone will have a camera like that, so other alternatives are
      camcorder style units or DSLR cameras capable of at least 1080P video.
    • Below that are webcams, but they’re not ideal and lack many of the manual
      settings required.
  •  High-quality microphone and soundcard.
    • A nice condenser or dynamic mic for capturing voice audio. Ideal choices are
      the Rode NT1-A (condenser) and Electrovoice RE-320 (dynamic – excellent at
      rejecting off-axis background noise).
    • A lavalier mic for “on camera” audio is also a plus.
  •  Modern Apple computer equipped for video & audio production (IE: Fast hard drive / SSD, multi-core processor, 8-16 GB RAM).
    • Sorry, no PC users. Our screen capture and video editing platform is for OSX
  • Telestream Screenflow  (for screen capture and video editing). We’d be open to providing a license for the right candidate.
  • Ableton Suite 10.
  • XFer Records Serum Synth (ideal, but optional).
  • Dropbox for filesharing.
  • Broadband internet connection suitable for uploading large video files and doing
    Skype/Zoom video calls.
  • A Push 2 controller. Ideally also an APC40.

Compensation: Based on experience. To be discussed.

How to Apply
We’re interested in seeing examples of your work. To apply, please submit the

  1. Example of a tutorial you’ve created (ideally in Screenflow) showing technical music
    production in Ableton Live. Video should be between 3-10 minutes (be succinct and
    to the point).

    1. You can submit this via an online filesharing service or upload to Youtube and
      send us the URL.
  2.  3 examples of your own production (original work only please).
    1. Uploaded to Soundcloud.

Application Process:
To apply, please submit the following information to via the link to our Contact Form below.

  1. Cover letter and resume
  2. Examples of work listed above

Submit your application for the Ableton Trainer & Content Creator for Warp Academy position here.