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Cableguys Timeshaper Review & Tutorial: Using Timeshaper to Creatively Manipulate Audio

Offering real-time manipulation for incoming audio samples, Timeshaper provides users with a faster, more enjoyable workflow. In this video, Torsten delivers a synoptic rundown of Timeshaper’s main features while exploring how to efficiently enhance your break sampling workflow for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genres like Drum & Bass, Trap, House, and Pop. If you have experience producing in any of these genres, then you are likely familiar with how tedious chopping up a break can be.

Together, let us reminisce for a moment: First, you find appropriate places to cut. Then you rearrange the fragmented sample. Finally you painstakingly toy with crossfades until pops are eliminated … only to find that you don’t like the orientation of the kick, so you start the process over! The true power of Timeshaper is that it performs each of these tasks in less than a second allowing you to stay in the creative flow longer and out of an editing induced slump.

At its core, Timeshaper manipulates the timing of incoming audio when a user adjusts the green time offset bar located at the top of the interface. The offset-bar glows white to indicate the current playback position relative to the host DAW (in this case Ableton live). For added precision, users can utilize Time’s multi band functionality to reconstruct audio for different frequency bands Independently. Full presets can be saved and shared with a wider community of producers for free.

Ultimately, Timeshaper offers comparable functionality to sampler based techniques while streamlining advanced editing processes including crossfades, pitch changes, scratching effects, & multi-band processing. Timeshaper keeps users feeling creative longer while providing more control when compared with traditional techniques. And, for it’s modest price point, it’s definitely worth major consideration.

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