Captain Chords 2.0 Tutorial – Top 3 Features

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The Captain plugins by Mixed In Key have just been updated with fresh new features in their version 2.0 release.  BigJerr, Ableton Certified Trainer, demos how Captain Chords, Captain Deep, and Captain Melody can be used to make a quick remix.  He also highlights his top 3 features.

Here’s our Game Plan:

  1. We’ll start off by doing a quick overview of the Captain bundle, showing the basics of what it does.  
  2. Next up, BigJerr will show off his top 3 standout features:
    • Captain Play
    • Custom Chord
    • Connect Between Captain Plugins
  3. Then you’ll see a demo of how you can use the Captain bundle to make a super-quick remix
    • Building a chord progression using Captain Chords
    • Connecting Captain Deep to make a bass line
    • Connecting Captain Melody to make a lead melody

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Want to Skip to Something Specific in the Video?

0:00 Intro

0:36 What We’ll Cover

0:59 Overview of Captain Plugins 2.0

1:44 Top 3 Features

1:55 #1 Captain Play Feature

3:00 #2 Custom Chord Feature

3:54 #3 Connect Feature

4:28 Demo

4:58 Making an On The Fly Remix

5:25 Building a Chord Progression

6:04 Splitting a Chord to Insert a Sus2 Passing Chord

6:30 Adding Complexity to the Chords with Additional Voices

6:51 Extending the Chords with the Flavor Function

7:31 Creating a MIDI Clip of Your Chord Progression in Your DAW

7:50 Connecting Captain Deep

8:10 Making a Bass Line with Captain Deep

8:46 Connecting Captain Melody

9:05 Writing a Melody in Captain Melody

9:28 Using a Custom Pluck Sound from Serum with Captain Melody

10:11 Completed Demo & Basic Remix

10:25 Outro


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