Chord Hacking Bootcamp: Level 2

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by BigJerr
1 Lessons | 2 Hours Length | Reviews

Learn more advanced music theory tricks for writing interesting and memorable chord progressions.

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Learn 7 Chord Writing Techniques

  • Technique #1: Chord Relationships – Planning out your progression
  • Technique #2: Cadences
  • Technique #3: Modulating between “relative” keys
  • Technique #4: Chord Extensions
  • Technique #5: Harmonizing Bass – Building chords to fit existing bass notes
  • Technique #6: Harmonizing a Melody – Building chords to fit existing melody
  • Technique #7: Borrowed Chords

The Basics

  • Chord progressions create the musical “bed” and sets the scene
  • Creating chord progression that flows help the listen “connect”
  • Understanding how chords relate to one another in a scale will drastically HELP your progression make “sense” and feel natural
  • Modulating keys will add a very noticeable, unexpected and dynamic mood change
  • Chord extensions add style and depth to a seemingly average progression

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