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Creative Mastery is an online music production course that will powerfully transform the relationship between you and your music.

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Creative Mastery is an online music production course that will powerfully transform the relationship between you and your music.

After Taking This Course You’ll Be Able To

  • Finish the songs you start.
  • Access an unlimited reservoir of creative energy.
  • Be massively inspired.
  • Connect with the unique music that lies within you (your “sound”).
  • Regularly be “in the zone” and in a state of “flow”.
  • Have a higher degree of mental focus.
  • Free yourself of frustration and pressure surrounding your music.
  • Understand what gets you stuck, and how to “de-stuckify” yourself.
  • Be able to spot and avoid creative traps and roadblocks.
  • Ultimately feel more consistently fulfilled with your music.

These aren’t pipe dreams, they are results that are within your reach right now. You have an opportunity to take the first step and declare to the world that you want them, and by doing so they will be yours.

An Introduction to Creative Mastery

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BONUS: Creative Mastery course creator, Vespers, will be offering an exclusive LIVE interactive Q&A webinar session on Saturday June 3rd, 2017 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM PST time zone (convert to your local time).

This Q&A webinar session is available to anyone who is registered for the course before June 3rd 2017! You’ll get to ask Vespers any question you have about Creative Mastery. This is an incredibly unique opportunity to get direct access to asking your questions. Do not miss this!

What You Get

    1. 15 hours of recorded videos
    2. 5 interviews with some of the coaches who inspired this course. (Watch one of the full length interviews with fellow DJ/Producer ill.Gates below)
    3. Downloadable materials and tools for the exercises taught in the course
    4. BONUS: A LIVE interactive Q&A webinar with Creative Mastery creator Vespers on Saturday June 3rd 2017 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM PST


What You’ll Learn

Module 1 – Introduction and The Basics

  • Introduction and intentions.
  • The difference between inspiration, creativity and flow.
  • Sources of inspiration and creativity.
  • Why you aren’t creative…sometimes.
  • “The Gap” why we start writing music and why people fall short of their potential.
  • What drains your tank: energy vampires.
  • Introduction to how to cultivate, protect and maximize your energy.

Module 2 – Creative Blocks and Traps

  • Low energy.
  • Stress.
  • Inability to focus.
  • A multitude of distractions.
  • Addictions.
  • Toxicity.
  • Multi-tasking.
  • Unconstructive comparison.

Module 3 – Building Your Creative Super Powers

  • Daily rituals to maximize your creativity and results.
  • How to work like a pro. Organizing your work and schedule.
  • The power of less and the lost art of simplicity.
  • Saying NO.
  • Transforming your physical, mental, and creative energy.
  • Hidden sources of inspiration.
  • Your ability to focus. A pivotal key to success.
  • Understanding your brain. Neurotransmitters.

Module 4 – The Deep Inner Game

  • Struggle and acceptance – wisdom from the Zen Buddhists.
  • Resistance. Why you are your own worst enemy.
  • Getting in the arena and exposing your work to the world. Critics and haters.
  • Comparison and competition.
  • Enjoying the journey vs. the destination.
  • Confidence & self-love.
  • Presence.

Module 5 – Achieving The “Flow State”

  • The “Great Purge”.
  • Splitting up your work.
  • Surfing the energy wave.
  • Rejuvenation.
  • Creative “sprinting” and stream of consciousness.

Module 5 (cont.) – Mastery and Habits That Stick

  • Steps to mastery, how to put all this into practice.
  • Building positive habits that stick…really stick.
  • What’s next: Additional research and reference material.

Module 6 – Interviews

Free Preview: ill.Gates Interview with Vespers

Our Promise

We stand behind all our content and put as much effort into creating our webinars as we do creating our music. If you aren’t happy with it then neither are we – just to make you feel super warm and fuzzy we offer a money back guarantee for 60 days after purchase.

Here’s What Past Students Have to Say

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Nejc – January 2, 2016
Taking this course for me was a turning point and a major one at that. My friends who go to school for music production aren’t making as much music and are progressing slower than I am after implementing about a tenth of the presented material!

It’s mind boggling just how effective the mental and behavioral changes that you get to know are. My creative output went from 5 tracks in 3 years to one each month. It’s that powerful!

If you want to make a difference, do it. Fork over however much the course costs at the time you’re reading the review and go through the material. Show up for the webinars (I got up at 3am for those, worth every minute) and pay close attention to the material in Module 5. I’ll say it again, pay close attention to Module 5, it is CRITICAL to implementing lasting change.

You’ll be singing praise to this course for life, I guarantee it!

Nick – March 6, 2014: 5 out of 5

I’m super stoked to be a part of this course. If you’re looking to take your music more seriously and turn as well as the process of creating it into something more meaningful, this course is probably for you.

A little background: I’m 19 years old and in college as I write this. There are a broad variety of students in the course with me, spanning many age groups and backgrounds. I’ve produced several songs, but am looking to take my commitment to the next “level”.

With this course, you get to interact with Vespers, along with your peers, in order to make YOUR creative process better. You’ll learn to appreciate things in a new and fresh way, and learn to respect each creative session you walk away from, regardless of the outcome.


If you’re any type of creative (and we ALL are in SOME way), I’d highly recommend this course. You’ll learn skills that will have an impact on the rest of your life, and through that, you’ll inspire and impact those around you.

Now, let’s be clear. You only get as much out of this experience as you put in. So before you take this course, do a little reflection to see if you’re ready for some major changes in your life. You’ve got to be willing to embrace the change. YOU bring the change; Vespers is the guy who shows you how.

This course is for you if you’re ready to commit to whatever passion you’re chasing. These skills will impact your life and those around you. Be ready and willing to accept change before you sign up.

Brenden Quibin – March 16, 2014: 5 out of 5

This course has been one of the greatest inspirational sources I’ve ever come across. Admittedly, I’ve only been seriously dream chasing as a musician for less than a couple years. But nothing has been quite as powerful and motivating as getting a ten year journey of self discovery and improvement condensed into five weeks.

I came into the world of music production after a series of life shattering realizations. I was working a dead end job pulling 90 hour work weeks with no sense of purpose or fulfillment, stress up to my eyeballs, and the notion of going nowhere fast constantly being thrown in my face. And when I made the decision to start chasing what I was truly passionate about, I was lost as to where to start.

This course not only gave me that starting point, but helped me build the confidence and patience to take on the ever evolving instrument of our day and age: the computer. It can can be quite daunting to delve into a new instrument without a good teacher. It can be near impossible without the right attitude. There’s so much to learn on the technical side of things and it can be all too easy to get lost in learning the how and lose sight of the why. Vespers teaches you how to approach your creativity with an overwhelmingly positive mind set and gives you the tools to derive a deep personal fulfillment and truly powerful confidence in not just your music, but your overall outlook on life. It’s like learning how to play guitar from Hendricks or Zeppelin if they were also life coaches!

If you’re serious about a possible career as a musical artist, this course is essential. Keep in mind, you have to be open and willing to make some massive positive shifts in your life. But what you walk away with from this course is worth exponentially more than what the cover price is, trust!

Julieanne – March 18, 2014: 5 out of 5

I am a lifelong musician who began my classical studies at the age of 5. I am 38 now with three University degrees in music and I am sad to say that the incredibly important information in this course just isn’t presented to career-track musicians, and that is a tragedy. At the height of my classical career (I was an opera singer specializing in 20th-21st century electronic music) I was touring Europe and North America with little spiritual / healthy living skills to support the incredible amount of stress such a life entails. I finally quit performing classical music a few years ago on the verge of a nervous breakdown (and a serious drug problem). Now I am following my true passion, producing and performing my own electronic music, though admittedly I am scared to launch myself back into a performance career, especially a career where drugs are the norm and not the exception.

This course is exactly what I need right now, thank you so much for offering it Vespers! I am simultaneously doing my yoga teacher training and Buddhist studies, and I can say that all of the information Vesper provides is ESSENTIAL for any budding career-track musician, especially you younger ones. Start your musical career off right and take this course! It’s so hard to do music the right way, the healthy way, but take it from an old-timer… these methods are the ONLY way to ensure longevity and productivity with your music, and a life free from existential torment. Vespers, you are a divine light in the world!

Alex – March 19, 2014: 5 out of 5

I’ve gained knowledge and ideas from Vespers that I’ll be using for the rest of my life–in and out of the studio. The way he applies philosophical and psychological ideas to music production is some of the most innovative stuff I’ve ever heard, and I’m getting my Ph.D in psychology. You simply won’t find this kind of instruction anywhere else. If you’re seeking a mentor to help improve not only your music but who you are as a person, this is it. So worth every penny.

Frank Cozzarelli – March 20, 2014: 5 out of 5

This is a life changing course. I recently picked up a copy of Ableton Suite with the goal of committing myself to creating music, or at least taking steps in that direction. I have listened to countless youtube tutorials about compression, filters, warping, sound design, etc., but in my opinion, there is no better introduction to creativity and creating digital music than this course. If you’ve ever opened up a DAW and thought to yourself “now what?” then this course is for you.

This course delivers some pretty universal lessons about what makes you feel and be more creative and how to tap into that, but it also gears this information to the specific issues inherent in creating electronic music. While you can load up on technical tutorials, there is really nothing else out there that helps you make the leap from possessing the technical know-how to actually making music. A software suite like Ableton can be daunting in this regard because it offers almost limitless possibilities, which can be creatively stifling. If you aren’t producing the music you want to make, it is tempting to think it’s just a matter of getting better plug-ins or watching more tutorials. In reality, the problem often goes much deeper, and that’s what this course is all about.

Creative Mastery is a really a course about how to live your life in a way that will inspire you to write better music. It’s about identifying what is sucking away your creative energy and what you can do to feel and be more creative (which can go pretty deep into matters related to diet and health, morning routines, and relationships with friends and family). It also delves into the ways that we can get creatively stifled specifically when making electronic music (i.e. plug-in overload, a distracted workflow that bounces between mastering/sound design/arranging, etc.) The advice Vespers offers isn’t anecdotal – he has clearly done a lot of research into every area he talks about and how it affects your creativity and can cite to multiple sources to back up what he’s saying.

But as other reviewers have said, this is pretty universal advice and can translate over to a lot of other areas of your life, and I have noticed that I can apply a lot of the principles that Vespers talks about to other areas of my life that aren’t related to making music.

I highly recommend this course for anyone that is doing creative work. This is a DEEP course and I know I will probably be coming back again and again to this material throughout the year. Even though it’s a five week program it’s a lot to integrate and can come down to making some pretty significant lifestyle changes which can take months or even years to put into place (not to mention all of the book recommendations which will reinforce the principles learned). I was skeptical about paying so much for an online course when there is so much information available on the internet for free, but there really is nothing else out there quite like this. Highly recommended.

Seth – March 24, 2014: 5 out of 5

This is my third class with Vespers/Warp Academy. I previously took the audio weapons course, and the mixing and mastering (with jake perrine). Both of those courses really helped me to master ableton live, and helped me learn many of the technical aspects of electronic music production. I don’t produce anything remotely sounding like glitch hop or heavy bass music, but these courses both were applicable to any style of music. While learning the technical aspects of music production is essential, it is still only half of the puzzle. Being a successful musician is not just about having the right tools; it is about having the right attitude, philosophy, motivation, and discipline to use the tools to create inspiring music that is interesting for the listener and fulfilling for the artist. This course deals with everything you need to become a disciplined, prolific, and satisfied artist. You learn how to deal with not only with creative blocks in music and your art, but how to transition your entire life into a more fulfilling, productive, and satisfying existence. -Seth

Allen – March 25, 2014: 5 out of 5

When I signed up for this class I wanted to know how to be more creative but I also hoped that there would be concepts that could be applied to the rest of my life. The course has met and exceeded my expectations. The saying that you get put into it is what you get out of it couldn’t be more true. It gives you tools to be a more creative person but it is a beginning to a long journey. A journey that you need to be open and willing to begin. It won’t happen overnight. It is life change. Change in the way you think of yourself in relationship to your music. Change in the way you look at yourself and your health. The course teaches you to be aware of when you are getting in your own way. This can involve comparing your work with others and how resistance always comes along when your on the cusp of doing something worth while. In many ways these things can be considered common sense but it isn’t the way we normally think. Knowing what the pitfalls are and having the tools to deal with them is invaluable.

Not being a trained musician, I’m was always dealing with the feeling that I don’t know enough and I am not good enough. Taking this course has made me realize that I am a musician and I have something valuable to contribute to the world and I will get where I need to go on my own time.

Owen – April 3, 2014: 5 out of 5

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, from music production due to frustration, job changes and other things life throws at us. Lately though I’ve been getting the urge to get back into the studio and this course was just what I needed. The course is far to dense to list all of the benefits here, but I will highlight some the the most beneficial aspects I took from the course. The concept of making music first and how to do that really struck a chord with me. Most of us are not full time music producers yet, as we have jobs and other obligations that take away our time and creative energy. For instance, I would usually wait until after work to start anything musical, and the results were not working as I was just plain tired. Our jobs, even if not mentally exhausting or high stress, do take a toll on our mind throughout the day, leaving very little for creative output at the end. So now, I’ve rearranged my schedule so that my music gets my mind at it’s freshest. Vespers course outlines manageable steps, and habits, to get you in the studio and how to maximize your productivity within that time. It still will take dedication and discipline to take your music to the next level but you don’t need to lock yourself in the studio for 12 hours a day. In summary, I can only imagine where I might be if I had taken this course years ago. If your reading this I would highly recommend you take the course, It may be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Alex – April 12, 2014: 5 out of 5

I’ve been learning to produce electronic music for about 12 years now:

  • I rarely finish tracks I start
  • seem to spend more time thinking about what I want to do than actually taking action and doing it
  • always think that next bit of gear or course will be the solution
  • feel dissatisfied with what I write in comparison to what I play
  • feel that everyone else is making more progress than me
  • feel that I should be producing and releasing finished tracks by now
  • feel that I should be so much further ahead than I am
  • beat myself up about all of the above everyday!

I’m at the end of week 3 of the course now and can do nothing but praise and endorse the material Vespers has put together and presented – I’m already further ahead with my music than ever before, building my creativity, confidence and satisfaction, enjoying what I’m doing as I do it and feeling positive about what I do rather than negative about what I haven’t.

Everything we have covered so far has been relevant and useful and most of the material will improve your life not just your music.

It’s been a good listen and Vespers is an outstanding host and presenter.

Looking forward to the 2 remaining episodes and to the journey ahead in terms of my own music.

Lionel – May 10, 2014: 5 out of 5

What a life changer this course has been. I came to become a better musician and thanks to this course I’m on my way to become an all-around better individual… which helps me become a better musician in the process! Simple as that! I wish I could have learned these invaluable lessons earlier in my life! If your motto truly is ‘music is my life’ but you’re feeling unaccomplished and don’t know where to start, this course is the ultimate guide!


Hear Why Producers Love This Course

Warp Academy is an amazing spot for producers to learn the skills they need to succeed as quickly as possible. Sound design, songwriting, mixing & mastering, they’ve got tons of expert-level training from pro instructors. If you’re serious about music production, Warp is a smart move.

- Nick Middleton | The Funk Hunters | Westwood Recordings

I would describe Warp Academy with one word. Wisdom. To me, knowing the facts as well as having the experience to back up those facts is the essence of wisdom. And at Warp Academy you’re learning from professionals who not only have their facts straight, they also have real life music industry experience. Get wise at Warp!

- Slynk - DJ / Producer / Youtube Educator

Warp Academy has long been in my top 5 for spots to learn how to produce electronic music. Their attention to detail and clarity of expression makes their work extremely easy to digest. See for yourself why they’ve risen above the crowd. You won’t regret it.

- iLL.Gates | Producer Dojo

I love working with the professional and talented people at Warp Academy. If you’re looking for fast, actionable info about music production, then this is the place to start. Regardless of your skill level, these guys have you covered with awesome training, sounds, and software.

- Tom Frampton | Audio engineer | CEO, Mastering the Mix

Warp Academy is ideal for someone to learn from the ground up and at their own pace. They have some of the best instructors and are experts at everything related to music production. I always learn something new when I watch their videos. Warp Academy represents the “music production masterclass” concept at it’s very best.

- David Starfire | Music producer | SUBPAC Ambassador

I’ve learned so much from the team at Warp Academy. They are a world-class music production community that has tutorials, courses, live-streams, and trainings to take your production to the next level. Warp Academy’s trainers are seasoned professionals with vast knowledge and experience.

- Jesse Brede | Gravitas Recordings & Gravitas Create Founder