Funk Hunters Interview from Creative Mastery

Check out this free Funk Hunters interview with Nick Middleton, hosted by Vespers. This interview is from Vespers Creative Mastery course. In this interview Vespers investigates what incremental steps that allowed the Funk Hunters to gain success as touring electronic musicians. They dive into some juicy topics including:

  • Building a solid career in music
  • The evolution of the Funk Hunters Audio Visual Live Set
  • Nick and Duncan’s background in video
  • Hunting for the Funk: Critically choosing and making music for live sets
  • Playing other people’s music and performing with Live musicians
  • Creating original music that inspires
  • Setting up a studio
  • The early steps that helped the Funk Hunters build their career

The Funk Hunters are one of Canada’s top breakout acts, gaining accolades from all corners of the electronic music scene and pushing boundaries with the constant evolution of their live stage show featuring custom synched visuals and a LIVE 6-piece band. Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith have redefined their sound, bridging the gap between electronic and live music. Originally carving out a name for themselves by reviving and remixing rare classics, their focus has turned to creating original compositions and collaborating with world class musicians and vocalists both in the studio and on stage. Combining the melody and emotion of funk and soul with the grit and heavy punch of electronic drums and basslines, The Funk Hunters signature sound has been selling out venues across the country and leading them on tours around the world. During live shows, their 4-turntable Audio Visual set now shares the stage with a full band including live vocals, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, keys and drums.

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