Headroom & gain staging

Headroom, Gain Staging & Clipping in 32 Bit Digital Audio [Mixing Tutorial]

Headroom, Gain Staging & Clipping in 32 Bit Digital Audio

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We want to help you stay current with how to set up your production to get the best sounding mixdowns possible.  You’ve probably heard about the concept of gain staging and how it’s really important for getting a good mixdown.  We’re going to explore that so buckle up!

Technology changes fast.  Sometimes old rules become obsolete; other times, new guidelines & workflows supersede them.  In this new tutorial video, we’ll explore the current territory with digital audio, answering 4 essential questions:

Do You Need 6 dB of Headroom?

  • Where the -6 dBFS target came from
  • Why some experts are saying to leave headroom in your mix & pre-master
  • Recommended plugin input levels
  • Doing a reference test master

Can Plugins on Your Tracks, Busses or Your Master Safely Handle Signals Above 0 dB? 

  • How to test plugins for input levels & clipping behavior
  • Examples & testing of various native devices & 3rd party plugins for input clipping behavior
  • How to gain stage properly in chains of plugins

Seeing as Modern DAWs Are Using 32 Floating Point Processing, Does if Even Matter if You Clip Your Master?

  • Analyzing clipped audio exports in 32 bit floating point & 24 bit fixed point
  • 2 reasons to leave headroom in 32 bit digital audio

Is Clipping Really That Bad?  And Do You Need to Avoid it at All Costs?  

  • 3 suggestions if you’re going to explore intentional plugin clipping