Fabfilter Timeless 2

How to Use Delay in Sound Design – FabFilter Timeless 2 Tutorial

How to Use Delay in Sound Design


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In this tutorial video, Merlyn demos how to use delay in your sound design with FabFilter’s AMAZING Timeless 2 delay plugin. You’ll see how advanced delay can add a lot of character, width and special effects to your sounds.

Timeless does many things that you wouldn’t normally expect a delay to do. If you want to see how to push a delay to it’s limits, join us and tune in for this one!

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Widen a bass by adding a stereo chorus effect with delay
  2. Add analog warmth using the filters
  3. Create ambient space around a lead vocal
  4. Make a riser effect with modulation
  5. Glitch up some drums

Widening a Bass by Adding a Stereo Chorus Effect with Delay


Widening a bass with Fabfilter Timeless 2


As Merlyn demonstrates, FabFilter Timeless 2 is like a swiss army knife of delays. By adding in some delay time modulation to his XLFOs left and right channels he’s built a quick chorus effect. This does a great job of creating some dimension to his crunchy sounding bass track.

In true Silva fashion, Merlyn has created more interest in his bass by glitching it up further using a second instance of Timeless 2. This instance of Timeless has been tastefully programmed to modulate various delay parameters in a stepped sequence to keep the sound of his bass patch shifting and evolving.

The filters in FabFilter’s effect chain provide an opportunity to add a bit of extra dirt to your signal

Creating Ambient Space Around a Lead Vocal


Fabfilter timeless 2 - Create space around vocals


FabFilter Timeless 2’s ability to create unlimited routing combinations makes it easy to sculpt effects that add interest to your instrument without muddying up your mix. For processing the vocals in this example, Merlyn routed his wet signal to duck down while the dry signal crossed a threshold. This keeps the chorusing effect from interfering with the clarity of the vocal.

Making a Riser Effect with Modulation

Fabfilter Timeless 2 - Create a riser with delay

By using an XLFO to modulate the delay time, you can create a shifting pulse from a held tone. Merlyn has also used an envelope generator to slightly speed up the delay time every time the note is pressed.


Glitching Up Drums


Glitching Drums using Fabfilter Timeless 2 - How to Use Delay


By driving the input on the plugin you can saturate the signal and create a nice crunchy effect. In this example, Merlyn uses an XLFO to modulate the delay time to create a crazy repitch sound. He also uses a second XLFO to add more glitchy timeshifting effects but only at the end of every 8 bars.


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