Kermode reviews & writes a SICK electro song using Darkside Funk!

Do you ever wonder how can you learn from presets so they become stepping stones to making your own?

Then LISTEN UP, cause we’ve got something guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Many of the BEST producers in the game spend time reverse engineering presets made by other producers and professional sound designers.

Watching a pro work in the studio is HANDS DOWN one of the most powerful ways for you to level up your sound design skills. Today, we’re stoked to give you a glimpse into one of those producers studios!

Kermode kicks off the first half of this tutorial by unboxing and opening Darkside Funk for the very first time! He unloads sound design secrets and juicy pro-tips for reverse engineering presets, including:

  • How to completely change a preset using different wavetables.
  • How the pack designers used Serum’s multi-band compressor for distortion.
  • How to access all 8 LFO’s in Serum.
  • How to edit and create your own waveshaper shapes.

In the second half he creates a groovy electro tune using ONLY presets and samples from Darkside Funk! You’ll learn powerful new ways to get the most out of your existing presets, and chances are, after watching, you’re gonna want to grab Darkside Funk for Xfer Serum if you haven’t already!

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