Instructions & Downloads

Welcome to Warp 10!

If this is your first course with Warp Academy we welcome you! You’re in good hands now. If you’ve spent a lot of time with us, this course is definitely for you. Warp 10 will get you up to speed with Live 10 and using the new power features in your music ASAP.

This is the first time we’ve brought together so many experts to collaborate on one project. You’ll learn from Vespers, Jake Perrine, Ian Gallagher, Brian Funk / AfroDJMac, Merlyn Perez-Silva, Torsten Sven Rich-Wimmer, and Aaron Klingbeil.

Enough of that, let’s get to the goods!

Warp 10 Course Videos

You can watch the Warp 10 course videos below. Click on Module 1 to get started!

Free Downloads

To help walk you through each of the modules, we’ve created some downloads for you. Grab the downloads below!

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