Massive X Review - First Look, First Impressions, New Features

Massive X Review & In Depth First Look at New Features

Massive X Review – Is It Worth The Upgrade?

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Massive X is Here!

Massive X was just released and we know you all have tons of questions about it.  We posted in a bunch of producer groups on Facebook, asking for all the questions you might have.  This Massive X review is going to be a bit longer because we’re going to go through each of the questions to make sure you have all the answers you need to decide if you want to grab this synth.

Here’s our game plan!

  • Audio Demo of Massive X
  • Overview & Tour of the New Interface / GUI
  • Detailed Look at Sound Design & Patches Made in Massive X
  • In-depth first look at major new features
  • If You Already Own the Original Massive, Should You Upgrade to Massive X?
  • What Has Native Instruments Done to Improve the Workflow to Compete in Today’s Market?
  • How Does Massive X Stack Up Against Other Current Synths?
  • What Features Does Massive X Have that Serum Doesn’t?
  • Massive X vs Serum. Is it an Alternative to Serum?