Next Level Granular Synthesis Tips | Grain Scanner Tutorial

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Granular synthesis and the epic grain scanner synth puts an array of wicked-powerful new weapons in your sound design arsenal.  Granular effects give your tracks an edge and open up new ways of holding the interest of listeners, keeping them fascinated with your music.  

Discover how to infuse your tracks with that essential “WOW factor” by learning a variety of advanced glitch and granular synthesis techniques in this tutorial.  If you’ve been feeling uninspired or bored with your existing sound design techniques, then sit in on this one!  

Warp Academy Ableton Certified Trainer, Merlyn Silva, uses granular synthesis to smash audio into tiny grains and re-synthesizes them, resulting in truly unique, futuristic sounds.  If you’re looking for your golden ticket to sound design mastery, this is it!

These crazy hacks and pro tricks will leave your fans mind-blown, FIENDING to hit that replay button.

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0:00 Intro
0:53 Grain Scanner overview
2:30 Generating layers of grains
3:04 Pitch section
3:32 Position section
4:33 % sliders – reverse, chance, pan, amp
4:42 Envelope shape / grain window
5:02 Amp envelope
5:16 FX: Filter, distortion, reverb
6:18 Mod matrix section
7:58 Switching up the sample
8:14 How to select part of a sample
8:51 Grain Scanner in action
9:47 Psychedelic bass wobbles
10:22 Glitch percussion loop
10:52 Cinematic impact & rhythmic textures
11:30 Using a vocal one shot into a squelchy arpeggio
12:46 Wrap up
12:57 Glitches and grains course