AK | How To Work With Pitch Bend Problems

“Hey Champions! Vespers here. I’m stoked to announce that we’ve just brought on a new trainer, AK. He’s been one of our members for a long time now, and his skills have gotten so sharp that we decided to bring him on board as an official Warp trainer. He’s got an arsenal of juicy production tips and tricks in the hopper, ready to unleash. Stay tuned for lots of fresh freebies from this rising star. Alright, over to AK. Much love everyone!” – Vespers

Hey all! AK here. I’ve teamed up with Vespers & the Warp Academy crew to bring all of you some free new tutorials and free production tools! If we haven’t connected before, I’m a music producer, based in San Francisco; I’m into glitchy, funky bass music! Alright, let’s get to the good stuff!

Live has an interesting way of storing pitch-bend information. Not all DAWs have pitch bend problems, but every Live user has had this problem before – where you pitch-bend midi at one point in the track, and then everything sounds out of tune for a while. Let’s take a look!

Download my simple little max-for-live device below. It isn’t complicated, it’s just a knob that controls pitch-bend, but it lets you do so in the same view as any other device on your chain. It also allows you to look at you pitch-bend modulation in-line, with it’s own automation lane. This can be particularly useful for synths and tracks with tons and tons of automation.

The device is quite simple to use! Just drop it in line with the device you want to pitch bend and use the knob like any other. Note that ’64’ is the middle, so ’64’ is like 0 (a neutral position) and if you are using this knob to do pitch bend, make sure you’re NOT also doing pitch-bend in the clips. Otherwise, you’ll create conflicts, everything will sound weird, and you’ll find yourself with the same mess that we’re trying to avoid in the first place!

To grab my free PitchBender Max-For-Live device simply enter your email address below!

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