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Sound Design Secrets in Serum: How to Use Resample to A+B

One of the things we find so incredible and powerful about Serum is the ability to create a wavetable from a sound that’s already been heavily processed.

One of the reasons audio sampling has been used a lot by Drum and Bass and Neurohop producers is because most synths alone didn’t have enough built in processing. This necessitates a LOT of post processing using audio effects, which can be an incredibly frustrating, and time consuming, processor heavy resampling processes.

The thing that’s such a game changer about Serum: you never need to leave the synth to get these incredible sounds. In this tutorial Warp Academy’s, Dan DUSKO, reveals one of Serum’s most deadly powerful features: how to use the new resample to A+B feature. In this sound design secrets tutorial you’ll learn how to:

  • Remix a presets stereo information with the new resample to A+B (Stereo)
  • Adjust your LFO movements to 1 bar in length, giving you nice controlled movement in the resulting wavetable
  • Experiment with resampling to create more complex modulations and unique results
  • Use Serum’s native FX to get the best possible result

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sound design secrets

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