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Free Live Pack | Run Thy Trap Vol. 2 – GET MASSIVE

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Buckle-up and brace yourself!  The next edition of our uber-successful Run Thy Trap Pack is HERE!

The full version has hit our packs store and we’re so STOKED to share it with you!

But first, we wanted to give y’all a free sneak peak of one of the full templates included in this amazing pack. At the top of this blog post you can enter your email address for a free download of one of the six Sets included in the full Live Pack. Here’s the lowdown on your free download:

We didn’t think it was possible to get any more dank, but our resident trap guru, Ian Gallagher (aka DJ IBG), has seriously one-upped himself with Run Thy Trap, Vol. 2 – Get Massive.  And get Massive it does, in more ways than one. 

What does it sound like?

Total urban devastation.  Let us explain what we mean…imagine Godzilla crashing a house party.  The Starship Enterprise doing doughnuts in downtown LA.  A hurricane, a tsunami, and an earthquake having an orgy in a shopping center.  Navy Seal Team 6 storming a water-park with tequila-filled Supersoakers.  Sharks with freakin’ laser beams on their heads, growing legs and escaping from Sea World.  You get the idea.  

To mark the occasion, Ian has built a completely Free live pack that you can download and preview before the official launch! 

You get Massive synth patches, audio samples, processing Racks and FX presets, plus the full demo song so you can learn from the production skills of a true master.

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What’s In the Free Pack? 

Trap Drum Kit:

  • 16 hard-hitting drum sounds all processed to the max with analog gear (E.L. Distressor!!)
  • Includes a trap drum channel strip 

Trap Vocal Rack:

  • 16 dank vocal samples loaded into a Drum Rack
  • All the Macros are mapped to a sick FX chain of Live devices for even more processing mayhem

Massive Patches:

  • Trap Boom Kick preset
  • French Press Trap Bass preset
  • Knock Bass preset
  • Trap Lead preset

Even Moar Racks:

  • Trap Mastering Rack
  • Grain Delay Return Rack
  • Reverb Return Rack


Listen below to “Run Thy Trap Vol. 2 – GET MASSIVE – French Press [FREE TEMPLATE]:

To download the “Run Thy Trap Vol.2 – Get Massive – French Press” template simply enter your email address at the top of this post!

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