The Art Of Synthesis


Massively expand your production skills:

  • Make ANY synth do your bidding in seconds!
  • Develop your own sound.
  • Never use another preset again.
  • Get the MOST out of your existing instruments.

Make any synth do your bidding in seconds and never buy another preset again!

Imagine if you were able to design every sound you hear in your head within minutes…you could finally start writing music that has it’s own unique sound, and other producers would be frothing at the mouth, asking you how you designed your own character sounds.

Are you concerned there are special tricks other producers know that you don’t? Are you worried that you’ll never be able to develop your own unique sound? Do you get frustrated easily and just end up using presets?

The Art of Synthesis will massively expand your sound design skills and give you total confidence to open any synthesizer and start using it right away. You’ll know how to intuitively manipulate and maneuver key components of any synth, using techniques that professional sound designers usually keep secret.

Preview Video: The Modular Approach

If you’re music is lacking character, then take the next step

The Art of Synthesis is taught by electronic music producer heavyweight, Myagi. To quote another famous Miyagi of a different spelling, “Never trust a spiritual leader who cannot dance.” These words of wisdom could not hold more truth for your teacher.

Myagi was fascinated by synthesizers early on. So much so, in fact, that he used to build them with his bare hands and a soldering iron. As newer digital synths came out, his fascination grew into an obsession.

Driven by this obsession, Myagi mastered all dominant forms of synthesis, putting them to good use in his production. He was known to toil away for hours with his Roland SH-101 because you couldn’t save and recall patches. This unique approach to building fresh sounds every time he turned on the synth was an incredible way to progress.

Luckily for all of us, Myagi also loves to teach. In Art of Synthesis, he will unleash his knowledge, leaving no stone unturned. You will tap into his years of experience and take the shortcut to total synthesis domination!

Be able to open any synthesizer and quickly start making the sounds you want

If you want to be able to open any synthesizer, easily identify it’s components, and quickly start making the sounds you want, then this course is for you.

Myagi will take a cross platform approach to sound design, showcasing sounds that are both cutting edge and classic. You’ll look at techniques and tips that are common to many instruments, and you’ll develop the ability to flex the full power of any synth you already own.

Preview Video: Filter FM

What You Get

In The Art of Synthesis, Myagi will take an in-depth look at synthesis & sound design. When you register for this course you’ll get instant access to:

    • 50+ HD videos (10+ hours) covering the most important topics on synthesis & sound design

Full Ableton Live Templates from each week of the course, including exclusive synth patches you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Samples of every demonstration sound created.
  • Lifetime Access to the course videos and materials!
  • Instant access to educational discounts of 20%-60% off Ableton Live, iZotope, FabFilter, xFer Serum synth and more!



Unlock your own unique sound as an artist

Understanding of all the main types of synthesis is the key to unlocking your own unique sound as an artist. You’ll open the doors to a world of endless sonic possibility, and develop a skill set that will give your music the upper hand on other producers in the industry.

The Art of Synthesis is a comprehensive cross platform approach to sound design. Divided into two styles of video, each synthesis concept is explained in a “theory” video and then shown in action, in a series of “practical” videos where you get to watch a detailed construction of a high quality synth sound.

At one time or another, every producer has struggled to stay productive in the studio. Don’t let your time in the studio drain you of your inspiration. Stop striving for perfection, and passionately commit yourself to your practice.

After completing The Art of Synthesis, we guarantee you’ll finally start making music that you’re proud of. You’ll powerfully understand how a make any synth do your bidding, and be able to easily start creating your own unique sounds from scratch.

Preview Video: Timbre Control

Who is the Art of Synthesis for?

The Art of Synthesis is for anybody who wants to uncover the secrets to developing their own unique sound, level up their sound design skills and start writing music that is definitively your own.

The course is not for first-timers. If you’re a beginner, Synthesis 101 will help give you a concrete understanding of the basics, and it will only take 1 hour.

Our 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Some online courses are a total crapshoot. You sign up, only to realize that what you though you were purchasing, ended being a complete flop. We believe in this course so much that it’s backed by our 100% money back guarantee.
If you don’t feel like your sound design has been completely game changed within 60 days, we’ll give you all your money back. That’s more than double the length most companies offer.

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Hear what other students are saying about the Art of Synthesis

“This course is amazing. It touches on all key points to understand every kind of synthesis and synthesizers, the importance of noises, saturations, reverbs, delays, etc…. The modular approach is awesome. But the most important thing for me in this course content when I started my own sounds, I started to understand the full spectrum range 20 hz to 20.0 khz. This is just to mention a few, this course has much more than I expected. Thanks Myagi!” – Eduardo (verified owner) – November 24, 2016

“A perfect modern update to the classic NY school of synthesis course. Teaches how to build a sound from the bottom up in a simple, accessible fashion using common tools, but in a way portable across many synth platforms. Phenomenal course worth every penny!” – Christopher Massa (verified owner) – November 26, 2016

“More info than I could have imagined. I thought I knew a thing or 2 but Myagi knows it all! Fun to watch and good quality instruction, suitable for any synth you own.” – Jan Pieter (verified owner) – November 23, 2016

What makes the Art of Synthesis different?

A veteran sound designer and synthesis guru, Myagi, produces presets and sounds for industry leaders FXpansion, Cableguys, and several more that are too top secret to mention.

From top charting releases in the days of vinyl to multiple releases that have cracked the overall top 100 on Beatport, Myagi’s his production work has garnered multiple world tours and thousands upon thousands of sales.

Remixing music for the likes of The Crystal Method, Orbital, Si Begg, Ursula 1000, and innumerable others, Myagi’s music goes beyond the dance floor and has been featured in Hollywood movies, network tv, video games, commercials and virtually any other medium imaginable.

What if I don’t like the Art of Synthesis?

Don’t get lost in the endless sea of YouTube. Commit to making music seriously and break free of your frustration.

The Art of Synthesis is a monster course that is guaranteed to game change your music. Over the course of 10 hours, you’ll be given a ultimate foundation for designing your own sounds.

To ensure that you get the most out of our education, we give you lifetime access to the course videos, and you can watch from virtually any device with a high speed internet connection.

Invest in your education by studying The Art of Synthesis. This course gives you instant access to 50+ HD videos, totalling 10 hours of education.

This course usually comes with a price tag of $349, but we’re offering registration for only $89. You can try it for up to 60 days at absolutely no risk to you. You’ll learn countless techniques that will take your production to a whole new level.

To top it off, after you’ve registered, you’ll immediately unlock access to student discounts of 20-60% off on third-party software & plugins from our partners, including Ableton Live, xFer Serum synth, iZoptope, FabFilter and many more!

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Go ahead and try the course for 60 days, what do you have to lose? If you really aren’t satisfied, we’ll happily refund every dollar and cent that you paid!

Video Episodes


Total Length

10 hours

DAW Used

Live 8 & Suite 8


Ableton Live Project Files, Templates, Patches, Samples

Skill Level

Intermediate to Advanced


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