Sound Design with Wavetable

Sound Design with Wavetable

$199 USD

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What You’ll Get Out of this Sound Design Masterclass

Our community demanded it, and we’re proud to announce it’s here!  The Serum Jumpstart Sound Design Masterclass is our most epic and insane project ever.  

Our whole team has been working furiously on this Masterclass for over a year now and the result is something UNPRECEDENTED.  We did months of research into advanced learning hacks and built this technology into Serum Jumpstart.

All these hacks accelerate learning, increase understanding, and activate new neural pathways in your brain.  You’ll learn more about sound design in Serum, faster, and more completely than any other course.

You’ll also know with confidence that you’ll remember what you’re learning and be able to apply it when it counts in the studio.  After taking this course you’ll be able to:

  • Master Serum and become a legit power user
  • Confidently make the sounds you hear in your head
  • Carve out your own signature sound as a producer
  • Reach your full potential and make music you’re truly proud of
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Sound Design with Wavetable - Torsten Sven
Ableton Certified Trainer

Torsten Sven Rich-Wimmer

Torsten Sven Rich-Wimmer utilizes his expertise as an active musician, engineer, and Ableton Certified Trainer to equip aspiring artists, producers and recording/mix engineers with all the necessary tools through interactive lectures and various online resources.

Torsten took to the musical/theatrical stage by the age of nine. He developed a unique connection with each audience, painting melodic murals in order to share his vision. Proficiently studied in piano, guitar, bass, drum, and turntablism, Torsten shunned classical performance in his early teens and instead embraced various underground venues.

Developing a love for EDM in the early 2000’s, he quickly built a reputation in local circles for his remixes and live performances. After earning a degree in business-management, Torsten fills a valuable role on numerous advisory boards with independent record labels, recording/mastering studios, and higher-education facilities.

Torsten taught over 30 subjects and rewrote various course materials, including music theory, studio acoustics, and large-format console theory while working as the head instructor for SAE Institute San Francisco. His passion for hardware-software-peopleware integration led to a consulting career, teaching master classes in EDM production and performance, venue maximization, music business and marketing, as well as audio design for games.


Drum Infected Logo

Engaging and Informative

“Having the right teacher can make or break your learning experience and I was very happy to have Torsten as my teacher. He was very engaging and informative about what’s all inside Ableton’s latest instrument Wavetable. I was surprised to see and learn what was all under the hood and also in small informative video clips and exercises I can do on my own and whenever I wanted with Warp Academy. I can’t wait to get started making my own signature sounds with Ableton’s Wavetable!”

~ Druminfected

Wavetable Interface
Sound Design with Wavetable - Warp Academy - How to use Ableton Wavetable

Exactly What's Included

  • 12+ hours of expert video instruction from 2 professional sound designers
  • Over 140 videos
  • More than 40 custom Serum presets & wavetables
  • 5 Ableton Project files to follow along with the Modules & Lessons
  • 100 bonus Serum presets & 30 wavetables
  • A bonus sample pack with 100 drum loops, FX, vocals & one shots
  • 2 bonus live-streams on advanced wavetable building
  • Opportunities to get personalized feedback on your sound design
  • A featured producer profile on Warp Academy

$199 USD

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[bs_citem title=”Module 0 | Introduction – Course Overview ” id=”citem_e664-d405″ parent=”collapse_2f82-79c4″]Lesson 0.1 | Welcome & Introduction
Lesson 0.2 | Course Orientation (How To Get The Most Out Of This Course)
[bs_citem title=”Module 1 | Mastering the Basics” id=”citem_6db1-f82c” parent=”collapse_2f82-79c4″]
Lesson 1.1 | Module Overview
Lesson 1.2 | GUI Overview
Lesson 1.3 | Synthesis Overview
Lesson 1.4 | Basic Oscillator Concepts (OSC Presets/Pan/Gain/SUB)
Lesson 1.5 | Wavetable Oscillators Explained
Lesson 1.6 | The Modulation Matrix
Lesson 1.7 | Envelope Basics
Lesson 1.8 | LFOs Explained and Applied
Lesson 1.9 | Filter Overview
Lesson 1.10 | Building a Bass Synthesizer Patch
Lesson 1.11 | Module Recap
[bs_citem title=”Module 2 | Diving Deeper (Effects & Tools for Refinement)” id=”citem_9f0b-a96a” parent=”collapse_2f82-79c4″]
Lesson 2.1 | Module Overview
Lesson 2.2 | Poly Mode and Glide
Lesson 2.3 | Unison Mode
Lesson 2.4 | Intermediate OSC Concepts
Lesson 2.5 | Intermediate Envelope Concepts
Lesson 2.6 | Intermediate LFO Concepts
Lesson 2.7 | Intermediate Filter Concepts
Lesson 2.8 | Building a Compelling Pad Patch
Lesson 2.9 | Module Recap
[bs_citem title=”Module 3 | Control Freak (Advanced Routing)” id=”citem_a47d-18ac” parent=”collapse_2f82-79c4″]
Lesson 3.1 | Module Overview
Lesson 3.2 | Advanced Matrix Routing (Part 1)
Lesson 3.2 | Advanced Matrix Routing (Part 2)
Lesson 3.3 | Advanced OSC Concepts (Effect Modes)
Lesson 3.4 | Advanced Envelope Concepts (Looping Modes)
Lesson 3.5 | Advanced LFO Concepts (Attack, Sync & Retrigger)
Lesson 3.6 | Advanced Filter Concepts (Filter Audio Routing)
Lesson 3.7 | Building a Robust Lead Patch
Lesson 3.8 | Final Thoughts

Get $2620 Worth of Exclusive Bonuses

Limited to the First 100 Producers to Sign Up


VIP Live-Streams with the Creators of Serum Jumpstart! ($60 value)

The first 100 producers to sign up for Serum Jumpstart will get to join 2 exclusive live-streams with the instructors who built the Masterclass.  In these VIP sessions, you’ll learn advanced wavetable building, be able to ask questions, and get personalized feedback on your sound design.


30 custom Serum wavetables.

Build your own sounds and make quality presets faster by using this library of deadly wavetables.  Wavetables are the heart of any preset. These will set ya up proper.


Audio sample pack with 100 sounds.

We’ve included all the tools you need to write an entire song, just with the bonuses in this Masterclass.  An additional 100 samples are added, including 5 dynamic and punchy drum kit loops, vocals, one-shots, and FX.

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Sound Desing with Wavetable - Warp Academy - How to use Ableton Wavetable synth



$199 USD

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You can start as a beginner and end up a pro.  Serum Jumpstart is a complete and comprehensive Masterclass.  It begins with the absolute basics, perfect if you’re a total beginner or you want to refresh on the fundamentals.  Then it goes all the way up and helps you build the skill set of an advanced sound designer. All the ninja tricks and professional tips to make you a total power user.  

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The sound design skills you’ll learn in this Masterclass are easily applicable to any genre.  One of the major abilities you’ll develop is how to confidently make all the sounds you hear in your head.
[bs_citem title=”What software & tech do I need?” id=”citem_af5f-cf0a” parent=”collapse_58ce-25fb”]

    1. Serum is the only necessary plugin.
      1. To use the Serum presets you’ll need xFer Serum version 1.215 or later.  
    2. If you’re an Ableton Live user, we’ve included project files for you to follow along with the Lessons.  
      1. To open the included project files, you’ll need Ableton Live 10.0.5 or later.

[bs_citem title=”What if I want a refund?” id=”citem_4f5b-0391″ parent=”collapse_58ce-25fb”]
No problem.  If you’re not completely happy with Serum Jumpstart, we have a 60 day refund guarantee.  Just contact our support and we’ll return all your money.


If you decide the course isn’t for you, we provide a full 60-day money-back guarantee; what are you waiting for!


Your course will work on any device using a modern browser. Our videos and site are designed with mobile in mind. Watch and learn on the go from anywhere.


Your course will never expire. Lifetime access ensures you can watch at your own pace, on your own time with no rush.

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Still Have Questions?

Our support team is here to answer any questions you have. Just hit us up and we’ll get back to you.

Monday – Friday: 9 am PST – 5 pm PST