The Best Multiband Compressor FabFilter Pro-MB Tutorial

The BEST Multiband Compressor Plugin? – FabFilter Pro-MB Tutorial


The BEST Multiband Compressor Plugin? 

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In this tutorial video, Dan Larsson shows you what we feel may be the best multiband compressor plugin available today; FabFilter Pro-MB. With FabFilter’s reputation for pristine audio quality and innovative design, this plugin doesn’t disappoint.

It’s quickly become the defacto “go-to” multiband compressor for producers, mix and mastering engineers around the globe. Why? Tune in to see Dan walk us through 3 interesting, advanced uses of this incredible plugin.

Intro to Pro-MB & Interface / GUI Overview

First, you’ll see a brief tour of the Pro-MB interface and all it’s controls. In the demo you learn how to add and adjust bands, how to use the advanced compressor and expander on each band, and how to set up the sidechain area.

Boosting the Transients to Make a Super Punchy Neuro Drum & Bass Loop

In this example, Dan uses Pro-MB to isolate just the transients of a bass loop. Using a band on the top end, he boosts just the high frequencies of the transients to add impact and punch using the upwards expansion feature. This is a great technique that could also be used on drums in place of a transient shaper.

Using a Snare Drum Feeding the Internal Sidechain to Duck Bass & Boost Top End

Next up, Dan uses the internal sidechain function and has it listen to the snare drum by setting the internal sidechain listening mode to Free vs. Band. This allows Pro-MB to respond to a manually selected frequency range rather than the band that’s being compressed. Here, Dan ducks the sub using downwards compression and boosts up the highs using upwards expansion every time the snare hits. This can add momentum and energy to loops.

External Sidechain Compression to Duck the Sub to a Drum Track

Finally, you learn how to set up transparent ducking using the external sidechain input to compress the sub to a drum track. Dan shows an advanced routing in Ableton Live to help to set up the routing from the drum track to Pro-MB’s sidechain input using a Send and Return Track.

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