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AK | The Perfect HiLo Split

Guess who? AK once again bringing you a juicy topic this week on the “perfect HiLo split”.

So you want to do some parallel processing in Live where one chain is processing the highs and one chain processing the lows. Maybe you want to neuro-fy some reese basses, or thicken up a lead, or just create some interesting harmonic dynamics by splitting any signal into two groups.

This is a very common technique in modern electronic music production, and all those big thick juicy sounds you hear from your favourite producers are, in some part, a result of really precise and properly implemented parallel processing.

I’ve developed a neat solution to use phase cancellation, rather than traditional EQing/Filtering to achieve this.


Big thanks to flowzerhoot for pointing some inaccuracies in the video:

The ‘perfect’ split demonstrated here is not quite perfect, as it inverts the highs without inverting the lows. Therefore, the result is not a perfect stereo replication of the original signal. Some of you may have noticed that the rack does not sound perfectly transparent (you can hear it ‘turning on and off’, and because of this, the tool is not as useful as it could be.

There’s a way to quickly fix this by adjusting the way the nested rack is setup:

Instead putting the ‘inv phase’ utility on a different chain (in the nested rack), we’ll put it right after the ‘lows again’ nested rack, and then have a completely clean chain on the nested rack.

Ultimately this means the lows will come from the Lows chain; then the full signal will be sent to the Highs chain, but the lows will be phase inverted out; when summed with the entire (dry) signal,only the highs remain which are perfectly in phase with the Lows.


My version of the new rack is below!

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