What's a Webinar?

Personal Interaction

Here at Warp Academy we love to work with our students on a personal level.  That is where we believe the highest quality learning can take place.  So to that end, we offer regular interactive Webinars—so you can learn from a pro regardless of where you live.

“..a Webi-whatnow?”

Web + Seminar = Webinar!  A Webinar is a real-time, interactive technology similar to a conference call, but with the added ability to see the screen of the presenter.  This is ideal for education, particularly where demonstrating software is involved, such as working with Ableton Live.  During the call, attendees can click a “raise my hand” button which alerts the presenter that you wish to ask a question.

Get answers to all your questions!

Our unique Webinar system gives you a huge amount of interactive time with our super pro ninja trainers, giving you a massive advantage when it comes to learning how to produce better music.  Pick one up to go with your course and learn right from the source – the course creators themselves!