Free Webinar | Working With Problem Acapellas Recording now Live!

All killer and no filler,  this Webinar is a recording from Monday January 26th and is a preview of Myagi’s Art Of The Remix class, which is now packed with 35 hours of bonus content – all of the previous Art Of The Remix classes, their presets, samples and more.   This is an amazing 5 week live intensive that will show you all of the amazing techniques a pro uses when adding their own twist to an existing track.

Warp Academy’s Myagi is a remix and production prodigy.  He has produced and released close to 100 tracks over the years for artists like Si Begg, The Crystal Method, Nick Thayer and many, many more.  His bootlegs have been rocked out by the likes of Fatboy Slim and Orbital, and he will be sharing some amazing techniques on how to use acapella vocals in your own tracks.  You’ll learn quick warping, how to treat vocals creatively, how to match your tracks to a vocal’s vibe and how to make killer mashups and bootlegs.

If you like what you see in this free webinar from Myagi, your gonna love Art of the Remix, so head over and register now! Class starts February 4th!


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